Worship Leading Essentials (eBook)

After hours of writing, editing and formatting, I am excited to announce the release of Worship Leading Essentials: A Step by Step Guide for Leading Worship.

Worship Leading Essentials is a 70-page ebook designed to help worship leaders lead with greater impact. This step-by-step guide is a collection of lessons I have learned while leading worship for the past 20 years.

Worship Leading Essentials addresses such topics as  . . .

  • Personal spirituality
  • How to deal with band conflict
  • How to put together a set list
  • How to set monitors (quickly)
  • How to leverage criticism
  • Much more

Worship Leading Essentials Graphic verticalThis 20 chapter ebook is a revised collection of blog posts.  Several worship leaders have found this information useful and practical. Whatever your level of worship leading, Worship Leading Essentials is a step-by-step guide to making you a more effective worship leader.



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  1. Scot,

    Just finished chewing on your new ebook on Worship Leading Essentials. Great insights, my man. This was so timely for me as I am leading worship at one of the services during my tour overseas! Several of the topics you address in your book provided great direction for me with fruitful results. I\’ve always appreciated the practical application of your giftings, and this was no exception.

    Take care and Gob bless,

  2. Hi Eric,
    Glad it was helpful! Keep up the great work! Where are you?

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