Scot Longyear

Hi, I’m Scot,

I currently serve as Lead Pastor of Maryland Community Church in Terre Haute, Indiana. (I know, you would think the church would be located in Maryland. Long story). In addition to serving at MCC, I also help people take steps closer to Christ by producing resources, co-hosting the Worship Leader Probs Podcast, serving as Pastor for the Experience Conference, and speaking at events.

I married my high school sweetheart, Stephanie, and together we have two daughters, Mariah and Madison.


Here is the official-sounding bio:

Scot is the Lead Pastor of Maryland Community Church, consistently named by Outreach Magazine as one of the fastest growing churches in the US. Prior to becoming the Lead Pastor, Scot served in various ministry roles including Worship Pastor where he recorded four albums and toured regionally. Scot has a strong pastoral voice to worship leaders across the globe with his involvement as Pastor for the Experience Conference as well as guest-host for the popular Worship Leader Probs Podcast.  In addition, Scot is a content creator, producing resources like his latest book, Soul Coma, his virtual Professional Communications Course, and his daily radio program (heard over 1 million times per month). Scot also finds himself speaking at events in order to help people take one step closer to Christ.


Scot loves SCUBA diving and motorcycling. He has horrible video game skills and an irrational fear of needles. Scot and his wife Stephanie have two daughters and live in Indiana. Follow him on facebook, twitter, and instagram.  Check out scotlongyear.com for more resources and encouragement.

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  • Co-host, Worship Leader Probs Podcast
  • Producer of Scot’s Daily Word, heard on radio and social media over 1.2 million times per month.
  • Content provider for


  • Soul Coma
  • Worship Leading


  • Sr Pastor of Maryland Community Church, named by outreach magazine as one of the fastest growing churches in the America
    (2015, 2017, 2019)
  • Creator of The Professional Communication Course
  • Pastor for the
    Experience Conference

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