Virtual Passion Week

Instant Notifications - Delivered as they would have happened in real time

Experience Passion Week (the week leading up to the crucifixion) in real time. Notifications will come to your phone at the approximated time Jesus was experiencing each event of Passion Week. From his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, relive the events as they would have happened.


Monday: 10:45AM – Jesus enters Jerusalem. The city is still crowded. It looks like he is headed toward the temple. (Mk 11:15a)

Thursday: 5:45 PM  Jesus and his disciples were spotted in Jerusalem. They were seen making their way to a private room where it is likely that they will celebrate the passover. (Mk 14:17)

Friday: 6:15 AM – Herod mocks Jesus by making Him wear an elegant robe (the kind that Kings would wear) and has sent him            back to Pilate. (Lk 23:11-12)




How to use the Virtual Prayer Week on your platform (church app, email, text, etc)

If you are a ministry and would like to use the content of the Virtual Passion Week to send from your own platform, use is free. Send an email ( and request the use of the Virtual Passion Week. We will send you a document with all written content. Simply cut and paste into your delivery system and inform your followers on how to sign up for your notifications. (If you would like to sign up for notifications via our app, read below.)


How to receive instant notifications through the MCC App

1. Download the MCC Mobile App to your phone (Search “Maryland Community Church”)

2. Open App and follow these steps to setup your device to receive Passion Week notifications:

3. Select the  icon in the top left corner.

4. Select “Settings”.

5. Select “Notifications”.

6. Turn on the switch labeled “Passion Week (Easter)” (It’s located at the bottom.)

That’s it! You won’t see any notifications until Passion Week begins on Palm Sunday. 

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