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Only one chapter in and I’m weeping as I write this knowing that there is a way to win over the lies - so many times I think I’m crazy - like, "What in the world is wrong with me?"  The first couple of paragraphs explain those thoughts perfectly - I have absolutely NOTHING to anxious/depressed about - but the enemy wants to put the lies in place.

To say this will be a framework for me is an understatement.

-Tori R


In DITCH Your Thinking Pastor Scot Longyear explores a proven system to help you identify negative thoughts, hand them to Christ, and watch Him transform your thinking, and your life.

Using principles based in scripture, practical techniques, and real-life stories, Scot will help you gain freedom from anxiety, fear, worry, and more.


DITCH Your Thinking can be used as a stand alone resource or as a small group guide. Discussion questions are included for each chapter! Together your small group will learn how to deconstruct and reframe the eight primary emotions (like fear, guilt, frustration, anger, etc). In addition, each chapter will show how God redeems a potential negative emotion and uses it for His purposes.

SCOT LONGYEAR is the Lead Pastor of Maryland Community Church (consistently named by Outreach Magazine as one of the fastest growing churches in the US). He also serves as Pastor of the Experience Conference and can be heard as a frequent guest-host for the popular Worship Leader Probs Podcast.  In addition, Scot is a content creator, producing resources like his previous book, Soul Coma, his virtual Professional Communications Course, and his daily radio program (heard over 1 million times per month). Scot is also co-founder of the WLP Coaching Network and finds himself speaking at events in order to help people take one step closer to Christ. Residing in Indiana, Scot and his wife Stephanie have two daughters, Mariah and Madison.

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