Sorry for the abrupt stop in posting.  It has been an eventful week with many ups and downs.  In the middle of some good things, deep tragedy hit us.

Near the end of exchange last Sunday, Carl Royer (Facilities manager at MCC and part of the worship team)got a phone call stating that his son-in-law was killed in action in Afghanistan.  He leaves behind a wife and 4 young kids.  Please pray for the family.  This is hitting so many people very hard.  We live in community and we are all hurting in different ways.

Many have asked what Carl and the family needs. I don’t have any information at this time, but I will keep you updated.

Do me a favor this weekend my friends. 

  1. Pray for this family. 
  2. Get busy living.  Look your friends and family in the eye, take a deep breath, and live in the moment.  You never know when it might all change.
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  1. Hi Scot,
    Your words are so true. I used to be very OCD and thought that every inch of my house had to be perfectly clean and neat and every towel had to be hung a certain way. I would walk in the door of an evening and before even taking off my jacket, I'd grab the broom. A dish couldn't sit in the sink.
    I got very ill, my heart stopped and I was on life support and in a coma for a bit. When I woke up and spent some time in the hospital afterwards I had time to think. When I got back home, NONE of those things mattered any more. 🙂 I began living as if each day might be my last (they nearly were) and started spending quality time with my kids. You know my kids aren't any worse for wear knowing the towels aren't hung with the open edges pointing out away from the rack. :/

  2. been reading your blog for awhile and just wanted to let ya know that we will be praying for this family!

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