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Scot's Daily Word provides quick, quality content on 35 radio stations over 80 times per day.

Have your business and website heard over 15 million times per month by over 400,000 unique listeners!

Scot’s Daily Word  is a one minute daily radio feature. Each segment includes a scripture, application and a mention of the exclusive sponsor and website (with professional voiceover).

Frequency: Scot’s Daily Word is played average of 2.5 times per day on one of the largest Christian networks in the region (WBGL/WCIC), as well as other stations. This translates into 750,000 listens per day, 15 million listen per month.

Exclusive Sponsor Benefits

Each month the name and website of an exclusive sponsor gets these benefits:

Listens per month
Unique Listeners Per month
Exclusive sponsorships are for a 12-month period during which no other sponsors are added.
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Every weekday, Scot’s Daily Word is played over 80 times across 35 radio stations to an estimated 400,000 listeners. As a result, each month, Scot’s Daily Word is heard over 15 million times per month.

Total plays per day:


Total plays per week:


Total plays per month:


Total plays per year:

In several markets, the value of a sponsored message of this magnitude can range anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 per month.

In order to offer a competitive discount, if you sign a

12 month commitment

your price is only

$1,995 per month!

You will be branding your business with the type of content that helps encourage people to follow Christ on a daily basis!


When you sign up, you will receive 4 copies of Scot’s Soul Coma to share with your employees and family!  Plus you will also get early access to Scot’s brand new book, Ditch Your Thinking (scheduled to release this fall)!


Cost per month: $1995
Total plays per month: 1722
Cost per play: $1.16

Sponsored Episode Samples

Listen to examples of how sponsors have used SDW to reach their audience.

Exclusive sponsor: World Vision

Exclusive sponsor: Experience Conference

Note: is mentioned at then end because World Vision wanted to point people to a banner on Other sponsors choose to mention their company website (which we believe is a better choice).

Hear Scot's Daily Word in Your Area

Our program is enjoyed by millions through the mid-west.

New Life Radio View Stations


  • 106.9 Cape Girardeau, MO
  • 91.1 Carlinville, IL 
  • 91.7 Champaign, IL 
  • 88.1 Charleston, IL 
  • 104.7 Chicagoland 
  • 88.1 Decatur, IL
  • 93.9 Effingham, IL 
  • 90.1 Granite City, IL 
  • 89.7 Metro St Louis 
  • 89.7 Mount Vernon, IL 
  • 89.1 Murphysboro, IL 
  • 88.5 Terre Haute, IN 
  • 91.7 Vandalia, IL


  • 98.9 Bloomington, IL
  • 100.5 Galesburg, IL
  • 90.7 Jacksonville, IL 
  • 91.5 Peoria, IL 
  • 90.5 Springfield, IL 
  • 88.7 Sterling/Rock Falls, IL
15 Million Listens Per Month

Prayz Network View Stations

  • 89.3 WEQS Sparta, WI 
  • 103.9 WTPNWestby, WI
  • 97.9 TranslatorLa Crosse, WI  
  • 101.5  Eau Claire, WI
40,000 Listens Per Month

Psalm FM Network View Stations

  • 96.1 Angle Inlet ,MN
  • 95.3 Babbitt, Ely, MN  
  • 95.3 Virginia, MN 
  • 92.7 Bemidji, MN  
  • 103.9 Cook, MN    
  • 92.7 Deer River, MN   
  • 103.9 Hoyt Lakes, MN 
  • 93.5 Red Lake, MN
  • 95.1 Grand Rapids, MN
  • 98.5 Roseau, MN
10,000 Listens Per Month

Other listening sources equal an additional 3000 listens per month.

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SDW has been making an impact with it’s radio partners and listeners alike.

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