Russian American Christian University

Yesterday we spent the day at RACU.  Steph and I were in a freshman English class and were interviewed by the students.  I spent the afternoon rehearsing with a Russian worship band.  We are scheduled to lead worship tomorrow (I will also speak in their chapel).  Some pictures from the day:


Above:  This is where RACU rents space.  Currently it is used as a church.  Under Soviet rule, it was a community hall for factory workers (there is a factory nearby).  It is surprisingly elegant.


Above:  Atrium at the RACU building.  Check out the marble.  Dang.


Above:  Old meets new.  An original chandelier from Soviet times with the addition of a disco ball. 


Above:  We spent some time in the office of the Vice President of RACU.  This is the view from his office window.  No joke.

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  1. Beautiful pics Scot. We are so blessed to be on this side of the world. The snow made me think….It snowed today in Germany…The absolute largest snowflakes you have ever seen! I wondered if it was the same in Russia? 🙂 I know, I know..You\’re in this majestic place and I ask about snowflakes. Well, I\’m easily amused.
    God bless you guys!! Be safe!

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