Scot’s Daily Word: Survey

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  1. Please keep the daily word coming. I look forward to it each day.

  2. Yes, I would like to continue to get your Daily Word via text.

  3. I have missed your daily word.
    I listened to it each day and was blessed by your daily words of God.
    Christine Knight

  4. Please keep the text notifications coming. I look forward to it every day and have missed getting the notifications.

  5. Scot,

    I\’m not on social media due to the safeguarding of my eyes and covenant with my wife. Th only platform where I have access to your daily words is via the website and I have requested the email reminders with links. I use these as brief devotional discussion points with the worship team I lead down here in Florida. Before finding these, I was using the monthly devotionals from the Experience Conference webpage (or emailings before that). Please keep them coming, if you\’re able and led to do so.

    – Ken Wood
    Director of Music Ministries
    Hope Lutheran Church
    The Villages, FL


    My email was out-of-whack for the past 3 weeks and that dilemma was just corrected today so I have been unable to hear your daily word for the past three weeks and I missed hearing it!

    This daily word is what keeps things in perspective for me sometimes — it is a wonderful reminder to me that God has my back and you\’re helping Him have my back. lol

    Thanks so much for all you do. I know you are a busy man but please don\’t give up Scot\’s Daily Word.

  7. Thanks for the great comments guys. Good to know that this is helpful. Let me see what we can do to keep it going.

    Thanks again!

  8. YES!! YES!! YES!! I have so missed getting the Daily Word on my phone every morning!! I was one of those asking where did it go. Penny Reely & I have had a few conversations about not receiving it any longer. So PLEASE, yes, I want to receive it again. Face Book is okay, but my phone was way more convenient. Thanks Scot!! We love you!! And appreciate all you do!!

  9. Hello
    Please reinstate the daily word. I get text messages and look forward to it. I listen throughout the day.

  10. I enjoy and look forward to your daily word. You are the first pastor that ever made me understand the Bible. I love going to Maryland and serving at Maryland. It is an honor to serve at Maryland. God bless.

  11. Yes, please! I may not get to listen every day but I save it on my phone and listen as soon as I can.
    I am proud and enjoy listening to my Pastor\’s Daily Word on WBGL too! God Bless You Pastor!! Your The Best!!

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