09.17.06 evaluation

exchange 9.17.06

1. All to You
Scot – greet
Video – Sara Nikoli
Welcome/ann – Jack
Blessed Life #2 – Scot
DVD clip
Scot continues teaching
1. It is Well
2. Now to Live the Life
3. You are the One
4. Medly (Give/Turn . . .)
5. Sweetly Broken
6. Let the Praises Ring
7. Not to Us
8. You are my Joy
Dismissal – Scot
Band – instrumental

This night was a great example of how God weaves himself among us and uses what little we have. The tone of the night was remarkable. Early in the teaching I shared that we had just learned that 14 year old Jennifer Held had died in her sleep. I broke down. Started crying and had to stop for a moment. It was a tough night, but good. We talked of how Jennifer lived out a faith in Christ. Interestingly enough, we tied it in to the topic of the night; tithing and giving. I’m still not sure how it all came together, but it did. The songs seemed to fit perfect and the flow was good. We cut You are My Joy due to time. Not to Us was the song to end on, regardless of time.

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