. . . two prophets pricked the conscience of all the people on earth, made it impossible for them to enjoy their sins. – Rev 11:10

Among a ton of imagery that I have yet to understand, this jumped at me this morning.  Evidently there were two prophets, two guys who represented God.  They stung the conscious of people and made their actions unenjoyable.

It is interesting that when we don’t talk about things, it is easier to convince ourselves that it is not such a bad thing.  That is, until someone brings those things up.  I can remember instances where someone said something to me, kind of digging in my life a bit.  In the back of my mind, I knew what I was doing was not quite right, but I had buried it so well.  Once it was brought up, it was not possible for me to enjoy my actions and continue.  Something had to change.  Sometimes it was a face-to-face apology.

I think part of the job of the church is to prick the conscious of people.  I believe some people take this WAY too far.  Seeing people picket with signs that say “God Hates Queers” and other stuff like that makes me want to scream.

Gentle reminders.  I think that is what Christ wants.  Loving people and gently living a life that stings the conscious.  I’m not sure I want to pick up a picket sign in someone’s life when my conscious gets stained every day.

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