Do you scratch during worship?

No, you sickos, not that kind of scratching. You know, DJ’s, turntables, live loops… that kind of scratching.

Either way, check out this laptop stand by Stanton. It’s called the UBERSTAND, and it folds up into a 12″ bag for easy mobility, and looks to be a great way to get your laptop on stage easily. There’s also room for some other stuff on there too, such as a mixer, so it looks like the UBERSTAND is just that… your all in one solution to get that laptop on stage, mixing loops and laying down some funky beats.

We’re just starting to get into scratching and loops at eXchange, and I saw this little beaut and figured I’d not only show it off here, but it’d be a nice little segue to find out; Do you incorporate scratching, DJ’ing, loops, or anything in between, in your worship services? If so, how often? Is it a pretty regular thing, or do you only bust it out occasionally? Or, maybe you never have, but would like to? Let’s talk about it.

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