Easter nears

We had our first full band practice tonight in preparation for Easter this Sunday. We didn’t have the choir with us (they’re practicing separately) but check out this lineup for Sunday:

  • Lead Vox/Acoustic Guitar – Scot Longyear
  • Acoustic #2 – Lance “Hambone” Hampton
  • Electric Guitar – Michael Bates
  • Bass Guitar – Neil “MacGyver” Harrison
  • Cello – Nate Brown (that’s right kids!)
  • Keys – Eric Louk
  • Drums – THE Will Cox
  • Backup Vox – Jeff Gormong and Aimee Nard

Little ‘ole me will be doing some singin’ and rockin the electronic loops and turntable.

Perhaps you heard Scot say that this year might not be as good as last year (listen to this past Sunday’s teaching for more deets)… well, consider him wrong. We had a couple moments during practice tonight that were, as they say, dy-no-mite!

But, that’s not the best part. We had to delay practice for a few minutes (we normally start at 8pm) because of a baptism. Easter. Probably the biggest day of the year for the Christian church. Our next to last practice… someone wants to get baptized? Like… isn’t that why we do what we do?

Easter at Maryland Community Church is 9am and 11am, be sure and check us out.

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