Everybody Loves Raymon.


Meet Raymon.  He is waiting for a sponsor through Compassion International.  For $39 per month, Raymon can receive better nutrition, health care, education, and spiritual influence.  I have visited Compassion sites and I can tell you first-hand that your sponsorship literally changes the direction of life for kids.

Make Raymon part of your life, and change the world for one kid (and yourself).  To find out more about sponsoring Raymon, click here.

Name: Raymon Antonio Cardoza Valle (NI2420069)

August 30, 2005    Age: 4

Personal and Family Information:
Raymon lives with his father and his mother. At home, duties include running errands. His father is employed as a laborer and his mother maintains the home.
Soccer, playing ball games and running are Raymon’s favorite activities. In kindergarten his performance is average and he also regularly attends Bible class.
Your love and support will help Raymon to receive the assistance he needs to develop his potential. Please pray for him

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