exchange evaluation 10.01.06

1. Everything
Scot – greet
Imagine video – Tom/Kathy
Welcome/ann/prayer – Shawn
Blessed Life #4 – Scot
1. Breathing the Breath
2. I Surrender (Oh Father)
3. Holy is the Lord on High
4. Hungry
5. Holy is the Lord
6. Grace Like Rain
7. Marvelous Light
8. Your Grace is Enough
Dismissal instructions – Scot
Extra: Here is Our King

The band was unable to rehearse the week prior, so the team came in early Sunday for some extra time together. They must have done their homework because they played a tight set. Because of time we cut Grace Like Rain and Marvelous Light. The guy teaching went too long (wait a minute, that was me).

The band followed me exceptionally well. There are several instances where I will do a song different during the gathering than we did in rehearsal. Sometimes during the actual set I will sense that we need to repeat a chorus, or start a song slow instead of fast. Our musicians are gracious in following my lead, even with a change up.

Sunday night I threw them (and the tech crew) a pretty big curve. We were set to start “Holy is the Lord.” This was a song that would take the set from mid-tempo to more energy. As we started the song, I felt like we needed to repeat the 1st line a few times (it went perfect with the teaching and I felt that we needed to dwell on it for a bit longer than normal.) We had never done that, and had never discussed it. I felt like it came off pretty good for a band riding the wave. Give a listen here and see what you think.

Until next time; ride well!

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