Interview with Matt Redman has interviewed Matt Redman concerning his newly released Beautiful News album (which is fantastic; pick it up if you haven’t already) plus other topics relating to Christianity in general. This interview has only made me respect Matt more. Check befo’ you wreck:

 So how does our faith in God and our worship help shine light in a dark world? How can it transcend all the other cultural messages being sent?

Redman: When we lift up the name of Jesus in worship, it overflows into evangelism. My hope is this new album might do that. With a song like “Beautiful News” where Christians can celebrate the gospel, I hope it might also speak truth to those who don’t know Christ. But remember, worship is not just about songs. It’s our lives, so one of the main ways our worship to God can shine in this world is through lives lived out in service and devotion. As the church, we need to impact our communities, comfort the broken, free the oppressed, and feed the poor (emphasis mine). These things are worship while also sending out a message of what the heart of God looks like in this world.

It’s not enough that we lead worship on Sunday, then wipe our faces down and sit on our hands until the following Sunday. Lead guitarist, bassist, sound guy, board operator… we’re all hands and feet, servants to and for the servant king, and simply being in tune on Sunday for a little while just isn’t doing, or being, enough.

Check out the full interview here. You can also check out Matt’s blog here.

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