Me and the Boyz. Circa 1982

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I came across this little piece of history in the archives last week.  Left to right in the back-row: Steve Lutes, Derek, Pat Black.  Front:  Me, Jeff Gibson, Shawn Denny.

Go ahead.  Laugh it up.  Gather your comments. I’ll wait. 

Now, let me tell you what rocks me about this picture. 

1st: It was at my first year of church camp and 3 weeks earlier, God had hi-jacked my world and set me on the path that I am today.  To say that season was profound in my life would be an understatement.

2nd:  Pat Black was (and is) an amazing musician and he let me hang out with him that week and play guitar when he led around the campfire.  Years later I would visit Pat and we would rock Moscow.

3rd:  Some of these guys were my first taste of real community and are still part of my life today.  Shawn works at Taylor University, Pat is in ministry in Moscow, and Jeff kicks some IT bootay in Nashville.  They are good friends to me and are STILL chasing God. 

I was, and am, proud to call them friends.

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  1. This pic looks like "Deliverance II, Church Camp" featuring Scot Longyear and Conan O'Brien.

  2. This looks like a picture straight out of 'The Wonder Years.' I for one am thankful that God 'hijacked' your world…14 years later He would bring some guy from Virgina all the way to Camp Beechwood and hijack mine. What a ride…

  3. Dude, that Shawn Cassidy/8 is Enough \”do\” is farout!! I remember Pat from back then. I played in Concert Band in Jr.High and a little in Jazz Band in High School,with him. Pubicly posting that photo was a bold move!…cool!

  4. Looks like God can part more than the Red Sea bro.

  5. I'm with Peigh. I have no jokes about this picture, but I find it strangely affecting. Reminds me of Camp Beechwood. Do you realize how much those weeks profoundly affected kids like Josh and I, and what a big role you (or, God-through-you) played in that? I hope so.

    1. Awesome. I was just passing on what was passed to me. Hope you guys are doing the same. There are some little "Chris and Josh" guys out there that need ya!

  6. How amazing is it that three of us ended up in Worship Arts in some form or fashion! Now if we can just get the three of us together at the same time back at MCC, that would be awesome!!

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