My First Plane

Picture 034

Here she is.  My first plane.  She is a 2004, single engine . . . OK . . . who am I kidding?  Good thing I got a picture before security woke up.

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  1. wow, I was about to ask if you guys had any positions available, \”church been beddy beddy good to me.\”

  2. Funny picture Scot. Even funnier note from Kyle. I would post a picture of me next to Lance\’s $10,000 Tour de France bike but security was there. It is tough breaking into the Cyclist\’s Hall of Fame. (Least it was a nice thought in my head).

  3. And I am so thankful that after 9/11 that security is so much tighter at airports, big and small.

    But, you do look really sharp standing next to it!

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