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Apple today announced the new iPhone. Downsides are that it is compatible with cingular, and at only 2, 4, or 8 gigs it wouldn’t come close to holding my library. Sure, there are some other nice features with internet access, but at a retail of $499, I’ll pass and consider a Zune.

Certainly not what we had been hoping for.

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  1. are you serious? a zune? was just wondering why not get a 30gig or 80gig ipod? i\’ve yet to read a really positive review of the zune. curious as to why you\’d go with the zune over an ipod.

  2. kida, I\’m not going to answer for Scot, but the Zune has alot of promise. If you\’ve read any of the articles on the planned updates for the Zune it\’s actually a promising device.

    Also, he and I both lead worship at eXchange ( ) and one of the big features that\’s drawing us to the Zune is the wifi connectivity and sharing songs. We\’re frequently asking each other, \”hey, have you heard this song?\” or \”do you know how this song or that part goes?\” The wifi connectivity might make our lives easier in this respect.

    The only concern now is getting Scot\’s library, which is mostly iTunes-purchased m4p files, into files that will work in the Zune software. But, we\’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

  3. Yea, I am 50/50 between the Zune and video iPod. With the wifi and the larger screen, the Zune is a plus, but I am really sold on iTunes for music management. I would like to test run the Zune. Shawn and I (who both run Blogsplus Network) have tried to score a Zune from microsoft so we can review the piece, but they are slow in getting us one. Once we do, we will run it through the paces and post our thoughts.

  4. i can see where you are coming from with the wifi connectivity feature the zune has. i have yet to meet anyone who has the zune so i\’ve only touched it at best buy and such and it feels a little clunkier than the ipod. (i personally am biased towards apple products) anyways…

    thanks for the site here. it\’s been such a great read for me. i visit everyday and consume just about everything posted. so thank you.


    ps. curious to hear all about the zune (maybe you\’ll luck out and get the brown one) when you get your hands on them.

  5. Thanks Adam,
    Shawn is set to get one soon so we will for sure put it thru the paces. Glad you are stopping by!


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