personal productivity 03 – Friends


image More thoughts on personal productivity.  In this session, we explore an often overlooked commodity of productivity:  other people.  I get by with a little help from my friends.

  Here is what I do to enhance personal productivity.

  • Be a user.  Yep, I’m a user.  A mooch.  But hey, I return the favor.  My friends are users as well.  If I’m looking for a review on a new piece of software or a new idea I will ask my friends.  I use their strength.  For example, my friend Shawn is a technical guru.  When I have a question in the tech world, he is my first contact.  It is incredible efficient.  Just last week I had an issue that would have taken me 2 hours to fix.  Shawn had it fixed in 3 minutes over the computer.  And, just so you know, I give Shawn time and attention in areas where I can.  It’s a great practice of community.  If you use, make sure it goes both ways.
  • Recruit a research assistant.  I resisted this at the start.  I figured “How could other people like research when I hate it?”  Crazy man.  Some people love research.  I have a research assistant and she rocks.  Her name is Bethany.  No, you cannot have her email.  Just last week I emailed her with some research for an upcoming sermon.  The next day the inbox was filled with the research and a note from Bethany saying “let me know what else you need.”  Money.  
  • Do key work in small community.  I have two friends that help me plan and execute the weekly exchange gathering, Shawn and Scott.  In this group, we trust, dream, and brainstorm.  Every Monday, we brutally evaluate the previous gathering.  This makes me much better and much more productive.  If I am heading in a less-effective direction, these guys are there to offer opinions.  This group is small by design.  A big group often bogs down productivity. 

Truth be told, I get by with a TON of help from my friends.

Next in this series, we will look at your single most important piece of personal productivity.

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