Run with me and I’ll pray for you

scotrunpoloriod You, yes YOU.  I need you to run with me.  On Jan 11, I will run the Disney World Marathon.  It will be a huge personal accomplishment, but I don’t want to do it without you!  I want to hear your voice during the run so I can pray for you. How is that possible?

  1. Dial 1.888.887.3127
  2. When prompted, enter channel #: 25706
  3. When prompted, enter the channel password: 1
  4. press 1 to record new episode
  5. Leave a message (don’t make it crazy long)
  6. press #
  7. press 2 to publish
  8. Hang up

Be sure to speak clearly, state your name, and tell me where you are from.  Let me know how things are with you, what God has been doing in your life, and how I can pray for you.  I will take your message, convert it to MP3 format (without listening to it yet), and add it to my iPod.  During the run I will listen to your message, pause the iPod, and pray for you by name.

You call.  I’ll pray.

Do it now!  Don’t wait!

Note:  All messages must be recorded by noon on Friday, Jan 9

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  1. Scott, Thank you for giving of your time and talents…to share with us at Antioch Christian Church…your message on Integrity, well it kind of hit home…so thank you….will be Praying for you as you prepare for your run….26 mile marathon{ you must be crazy..just kidding}…just remember with Christ all things are possible….Remember you are representing a select group of people…those of us who are about to turn 40,belong to the hairless club for men, and call Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
    Thanks Again, Duane Wilson

  2. Awesome job today Scot. Thank you so much, again for taking time from your family and church. I\’m asking for you to pray for our leadership at church. With Keith, JoAnn and Noah coming back it\’s a start but we still need leadership, staff and volunteers to go on with God\’s word. Look for \”signs\” along the 26 mile trip. Look forward to hearing about this personal mountain you are going to climb.

  3. Scot, your sermon last night was about punching through gates. I've done the Chicago Marathon and you'll need to remember your red glove about mile 20. 🙂 I did a lot of talking to God and my legs from mile 20-24.

    Drink your water with your black glove and swing at the brick wall with your red glove. You'll be fine.

    (My family has been attending Epic for about 1.5 months and last night was our first Exchange service. Awesome.)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Glad you are hear.
      My understanding is that the wall is somewhere around mile 20. Not looking fwd to that!!!

      1. Knowing that it's coming is half the battle. After you hit the 13 mile mark and you're "Yay! Half done! Rock ON!" you start to talk to yourself and realize that you're now counting DOWN instead of counting up. That's an awesome feeling. 🙂

        Then, WHAM mile 20 hits you and the self-doubt and the "Why am I doing this and who can I blame?" starts to haunt you. ha! <Boy am I glad I lived to tell the tale…>

        I had ran more than 26 miles before race day, so I knew the wall would come and I was prepared for a tough battle. In essense, I had my red glove ready. You do too.

        Give Mickey a high-five for me and the HUGE Rice Krispy treats would be a fantastic carb for the night before. 🙂

        How about, I pray for YOU on race morning?

        1. That would be awesome. My training has taken me to 20 miles and they say the rest is guts. I'll take the prayers – and be praying for you as well!!

  4. Awesome idea. I left a message but can't remember if I identified myself clearly enough. In case of confusion I'm the one who said make sure and not to crap yourself while running.

  5. Pastor Scot, Wow you are impressive!!! Running marathons like you are doing reminds me of when I was in my Prime!! No, I didn't run marathons but I was in shape. Yes indeed I will pray for you. Especially if you split the prize money with me if you win!!
    Thank you for being my friend! You are a treasure to me.

  6. Scot, this is the coolest thing you are doing! The praying part. The running part is crazy. My neighbor and I got it in our heads that we were going to run a marathon when we turned 50. After running 6 days a week for several months, the best I could do was run from my house in Rosedale to Clinton once, 5 miles….. what can I say, I'm old. Hope you do well, I will be praying for YOU, and really appreciate all you do.
    Run Forest run 🙂

  7. You are the man! I can't multi-task so this is out of the question for me. Running and praying would be an adventure. However, I will pray daily for you and hope that somewhere along the line you will remember me.

  8. Hey Scot, It's been a long, long time. I used to babysit Mariah a very long time ago! (It makes me feel kinda old now!) Hope you and the family are doing well. Just wanted to encourage you on your marathon! I think it's an awesome goal and a great opportunity. You're in our prayers. I am actually in training to do my first half-marathon in Nashville in April. So, I understand at least half of what you're going through. Anyways, I just wanted to say, good luck!! Have an awesome time! Take care, Melissa

  9. Very, very cool idea! It is very exciting that you had a goal, you have pushed towards the mark, and you are willing to take all of us with you. Enjoy the run and enjoy achieving your goal.

  10. I know I didn't get my prayer request in time for the marathon & I am so sorry. It has been one of those weeks. I will be praying for you, that you will find strength in your prayers & in God to get you through. In your future prayers please remember my son who is about to leave for basic training. He really wants to do this so i am praying it will be a time for God to work in his life. He has been absent for a while in this respect. I try not to worry & I lift him up to God. He will take care of him.
    God bless you for all you do and for allowing God to use you here in our lives to make a difference. You are awesome.

    1. Hey Tracey,
      I prayed that your son would come to know Christ as he is on this new chapter of his life. Thanks for praying for me.

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