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Jennifer Held, 14 years old, died in her sleep Saturday morning.

Just typing that sentence doesn’t seem right. Fourteen year old girls are not supposed to die in their sleep. They are supposed to grow older and get a driver’s license, go to prom, agonize over college, maybe get married and have a family.

Jennifer was part of our church and is a follower of Jesus. She even sang with the exchange worship crew a time or two. She was a lover of music, life, people, and her creator.

On Saturday I was in my daughter Mariah’s room. Mariah had been in camp with Jennifer earlier this summer and knew her from youth group. Mariah, Hannah (one of her best friends), and I were processing the whole thing. “Processing.” Like you can process something like this. We were all just kind of in shock at the whole thing. Hannah made a comment that Jennifer would always smile and would go out of her way to find people who were alone. Just Friday at school there was a new student standing between the pool and the cafe at school. He was all alone. Jennifer walked up and talked to him. A simple act that was normal for her. She was an example of a lover of people and of God.

For some reason, she was fond of green.

Every story I hear about Jennifer is remarkable. She seemed more mature than people three times her age. She is an example to be imitated. Though she did not live to a ripe old age, it very well may be that God jammed a lifetime of experience, passion, and love into a fourteen year old package called Jennifer Held.

Thank you Jennifer for showing us what abundant life looks like. We know that you are in a wonderful place. We wouldn’t wish you to leave heaven, but we sure miss you here. We will carry on the things that you showed us. Because of your influence, life will stop momentarily for many of us. We will reflect on your life and how it pointed us to Christ. You lived what you said you believed. You were an example and we want to be like you as you were like Christ. We will not soon forget you.

The world needs more Jennifers, especially since we lost one.

For more information, check out the article on Jennifer in the Terre Haute Tribune Star.

Leave a comment on how Jennifer impacted your life.

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  1. Jennifer was a blessing to know. She worked back in the nursery/preschool department at church. Even at such a young age she know life was not about what you get but about what you give. She gave so much in her short life. She also had the voice of an angel and a smile that could light up the world. Thank you Jen, for being an inspiration to us all and showing us how to live out our walk. We know you are with Jesus and that is a comfort. Until we can be together again know we will care you in our hearts.

  2. ****My thoughts of Jenny Beautiful Girl****
    Jennifer Held was a good daughter to her mother a good sister to her brothers but most of all she was a wonderful friend…Jennifer and I hardly ever hung out but we were like sisters…when i heard about her pass i cried and cried and cried i couldnt stop crying i still cry sometimes just thinking about the times me and her did spend together like when we faught over cody gibson in the 6th grade that was fun…lol…i miss her so much she was a blessing to all of us. i love and miss her so much but sometimes when i think about the times we did spend together i always smile ans when i smile i think of jenny and when i think of jenny i think of the rainbow and when i think of the rainbow i think of the wizard of oz and when i think about that movie i think bout that weekend we were suppose to spend together and watch that movie i remeber telling her that i had to stay home that weekend and instead of doing that i go to my aunts house and now i regreat not spending those last moments with her and her family….jenny i love u so much you are always on my mind and in my thoughts and dreams ans in my memories foreve life always and eternity…im sorry jenny i love u

    Sierra Pruiett

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