The Opening Band for Need to Breathe and Jars of Clay

image So it happened like this:

1.  A ultra hip husband and wife call and invite Justin to open with some music and invite me speak at an event called “Elevate 2010

2.  They explain that the headlining bands are Jars of Clay and Need to Breathe.

3.  They ask if we are interested.

4.  We say "Well, maybe we can make room in our schedule.”

5.  I polish up the teaching for the event.

6.  Justin puts together a band (including a bald acoustic guitar player).

7.  Justin writes some killer original tunes.

8.  The band practices like mad.

So, throw the kids and the lawn chairs in the SUV and head to Martinsville, IL (30 min West of Terre Haute on I-70).  Elevate kicks off at 6PM (Il time) on July 5. Tickets are available at the gate or on-line by clicking here.

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Note:  This is a festival-type event so bring blankets, chairs, etc (there is no seating).

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