Tuesday was a busy day. We started at HCA (Hinkson Christian Academy). HCA is a school (K-12th grade) for English speaking foreign students. Most are children of missionaries. This is unlike any other Christian school I have been in. The students are top notch and solid.

I spoke in a High School chapel, followed by a Middle School chapel. Andrew Black, son of Pat and Kathy, led worship. Andrew is a great worship leader.

After the chapels, Stephanie did some tutoring with some students, filing in for a sick teacher.

Tuesday night we were invited to Tim and Ally Wiley’s apartment for dinner. We got to know them better and hung out with their new son, Silas, and their dog Kai.


Above: Speaking in chapel at HCA


Above: Tim, Ally, and Kai Wiley. Silas was snoozing. We had a great dinner with these guys. Thank you Tim and Ally!!


Above: Kai sporting some stylish doggie boot as well as showing her mad skills with the frisbee.

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