What a night!

101_9969 Wow.  Last night was one of the most powerful worship gatherings I have been part of.  The room was stacked with people who put God to the test.  Most of us tithed on a week’s worth of our income.  You would think it would be a somber time.  Not with this crew.  The room was full of energy and people who gave hilariously.

Today I have been getting emails from people who took a risk last night.  People who are crazy enough to believe God and do what he says when it comes to tithing. 

Our finance team just sent in the results from yesterday.  They reported the offerings from MCC (AM and PM). 

I am stunned. 

I am stunned by the amount of money, but even more by the amount of people who participated.  I’ll give you the full details on Sunday.  Be there.

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  1. Wish I could be there! Can\’t wait to hear!

  2. Pastor Scott,
    I would just like to drop a few lines to say lastnight's service was incredible. I'm glad you are stunned with the dollar figures. This is totally awesome, however, I just want you to know if there is any such thing as having to much fun….well you fit right in that category lastnight brother. The Holy Sprit was over flowing out of you like I have seen no other. You and the team rocked! It was pleasant to to eye to see you on stage with your guitar again…. smiling from ear to ear the entire time! Blessings my friend! You are truly appreciated!

  3. It felt sooo good!!! Great svc!!! If you need any amazing tithe stories,contact me!!! When I was gettiÑg back on my feet(several yrs ago) my choice was to tithe or buy groceries…me and Tyler chose tithing..God honored his word!!! We were blown away!!! Several times!!! What an AWESOME GOD!!!

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