Worshipplus at InterVarsity Summit 2007

As you probably saw in Scot’s post from yesterday, he’s leading worship at the InterVarsity Summit 2007 in the heart of Indy (tonight’s worship session was great, by the way). Summit is being held at the downtown Radisson, so we hopped on up to the top floor after this evening’s final session to grab some free cheesecake and coffee. The view was stunning enough that I snapped a couple pics with my phone.

The reason I stopped by Summit this evening was to help debut our newest product, Journalr, an online Bible study and life journaling system that we hope will help people draw closer to God by using technology to assist in Bible study and reflection.

Journalr is in early alpha right now so it’s still got some bugs (none show stopping I believe) and we have plenty of tweaks left to do, but overall it’s in a usable state. Feel free to go sign up for a free Journalr account, give it a whirl, and let us know what you think.

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